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Pack It All In: Tips for Fashionable, Fun and Stress-Free Travel


I just returned from an incredible, eco-adventure and safari getaway in South Africa where I communed with leopards, lions, zebras and elephants (oh, my!) and took a much-needed break from the busy past two months. Between the Oscars gifting suite and the CEW event in New York City, I have been up, down and across the US and, now, across an ocean. Good thing I took my own packing and travel advice, which helped me stay organized and calm.

Here are my tips for you.

Versace Mille Feuille Dress SATC Season Finale2

Think monotone Pack clothes that mix and match easily and that go together. Add punches of color with bold blouses, tees, jewelry, a hat and scarves that can do double duty as sarongs or shawls.

That said, a little indulgence never hurts I love this advice from Refinery29 to channel your inner Carrie Bradshaw à la the SATC series finale with one bold statement piece of clothing. This doesn’t mean a flowing Versace gown (though a girl can dream!). We’re talking a nice pair of flat boots or a chic jacket that will make you feel confident, beautiful and ready to take on whatever new city or countryside you’re exploring.

Be Organized… Keep your passport and other paperwork close at hand with Pura Botanica’s Document Organizer. Being the jewelry collector that I am, I also always have a Jewelry Travel Case. This chic tote keeps all of my precious necklaces, rings, earrings and bracelets contained (no more tangles!). Our travel accessories are available in four rich colors (black, brown, tan and cream) and come in a luxurious faux-ostrich material.

Pura Botanica Travel_Pack a Hat

And prepared for anything Yes, you want your documents, medications and iPad (fully loaded with books, shows and music) in your carry on along with your charger. Do not forget a change (or two) of clothes (in case your checked luggage is late), a lightweight shawl to curl up in (because airplanes are always chilly), high-energy snacks like almonds and protein bars and plenty of water (in case you are stuck on the tarmac for hours, as I was).

 Simplify your beauty routine… Choose a blush that can be used as lip tint. And, try shellac instead of traditional nail polish. Shellac goes on like nail polish, but lasts like a gel—two (sometimes three) weeks with no chips, smudges, dings or dents. It’s a well-groomed girl’s dream.

Freshly Minted Travel Kit

And Don’t Forget It At Home There is no excuse to skimp on your beauty routine while you travel, especially with the Freshly Minted Take Me Along Travel Kit, which contains two-ounce bottles of True Shampoo, In Condition, Lotion to Love and Body Beautiful Cleanser. The kit has everything you need in one chic, clear vinyl case (so much nicer than a Ziploc bag) that slips easily in and out of your carry-on luggage for quick passage through security. Oh, and don’t forget sunscreen—but you knew that.

Add a Hint of Luxury Bring along the ingredients for your favorite relaxation rituals. Mine include a scented, travel candle (like Fulfill Mint, with the exhilarating scent of Australian eucalyptus) and mineral bath salts to counter the inevitable jet lag (maybe our Pick Me Up Botanic Bath Salts made with Himalayan salts, orange and lavender—heavenly).

Stay active (even on the plane) It’s important to get up and walk around during your flight. Try to do modified yoga stretches every hour or so, get up and walk the aisles. If you have circulation issues, wear compression tights or socks to minimize swelling.

Moisturize Air travel is drying. Avoid dehydration by limiting alcohol intake when you fly and drink lots of water. Don’t forget to spritz a moisturizing toner on your face frequently and smooth on NPA-certified Lend a Hand Crème Smoother (which comes in a convenient, TSA-friendly 1.5-ounce tube).

Writing in Journal

Keep a Diary Bring a journal or type notes into your iPad so that you have a narrative to go with your pictures. Speaking of pictures, don’t forget to back up your pictures every day.

Stay tuned for our Pinterest board with photos from my trip. Until the next time, safe and happy travels to you!