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Survival Guide To The NPEE 2014: At The Show

Now that you are at the show, here are some tips to help Buyers be more successful at the NPEE.
Check out the surrounding area near each booth you visit. It’s worth learning about the nearby booths in an area to see if they have similar products, or a product you may be more interested in, or can’t find elsewhere. Many exhibitors help the booths around them and work together to make it a beneficial show for all attending. This is good for you, the buyer, because open conversations at one booth about your store needs, can point you in the direction of something you may have more interest in, or show you a product you may not have even been aware of.

If this is your first time at the NPEE, or you have been but it’s been a while, a general knowledge of the layout or floor plan can be extremely beneficial. If you need to use the restroom or have an emergency, knowing where you are and where you
are going, can get you back to a booth browsing as quickly as possible. The NPEE has an App for IPhone and Android where it provides you with a floor plan, list of exhibitors, schedule and even a digital showcase. Search “Natural Products ExpoEast
2014”, as this is aee14_logo_169x165n extremely valuable tool for the show!

It will be wise to manage your time efficiently when you are on the floor. When you have down time, refuel your body and figure out where to go next. Don’t wait until the last
minute to figure out what booths are a “must-visit”, and always be planning and figuring out the best way to take advantage of the Show. Pack a backpack with a refillable water bottle and quick healthy snacks in case you can’t get away to eat lunch for extended periods of time. This will be useful when the show is booming and you don’t want to stop and sit to eat; you won’t have to worry about running out of steam or being dehydrated.

Most importantly have the right attitude; be confident, be positive, be different. You are one of hundreds of buyers these women and men are going to see today. Having the right attitude can get the booths talking about you to each other, and even sending you to another potential business opportunity at another booth. This may seem relatively obvious, but after visiting the first one hundred booths, it can be easy to forget. Always be smiling and making people feel as comfortable as possible when visiting their booth and they’re sure to remember you!