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Summer Travel Hostess Gifts

Kit in SandOff for a weekend visiting your pal’s spread on the Vineyard, up in Maine, or out in the Hamptons? Lucky you! Just remember—your mother was right about the first rule of good guesting: Never arrive empty-handed. Sure, your hosts will say they don’t need anything. That doesn’t mean they won’t be delighted when you show up on their doorstep with a gift, a big smile, and an offer to a) empty the dishwasher, b) throw in a towel wash, c) run to the market, or, ideally, d) all three. The following host and hostess gifts are guaranteed to snag you a return invite.

Posh Picnicking

Nothing says summer like eating outdoors. Arrive bearing a pretty picnic basket or coolerfilled with lunch fixings from your favorite gourmet shop. Hopefully you’ll have great weather to relax and enjoy the pleasures of feasting en plein air.


Bringing something special for the busy host to enjoy when her guests are otherwise occupied is always appreciated. Our gift sets come in a variety of sizes and prices and include everything you (and your hosts) need for an indulgent respite from company. A favorite for summer—the Bath Ritual Gift Set—includes the makings of the ultimate bath all infused with refreshing mint.

Tasty Toss-Up

Pick up a nice salad serving set and pair it with some just-picked veggies from a local farm stand for a fresh and healthy gift.

Throw in the Towels

You can never have too many clean towels at a summer vacation home; buy a bunch and have them monogrammed with the host’s initials. This will keep you front of mind when next year’s invites are going out.

Share Your Favorite Travel Accessories

You never leave home without your Jewelry Travel Case, right? Why not help spread the super organized and fashionable travel love to your gracious host with a luxurious and unforgettable gift of one of our travel accessories. Once she sees that everything can fit in its place (and look great doing so), she will be forever thankful. And maybe you’ll have made it on to her summer regulars list.

Happy summer visiting!