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Summer Beauty Tips for 2015

Wearing makeup in the hot summer sun can be more trouble than it’s worth! Trying to keep makeup looking fresh in the heat is often difficult because your face perspires and you find yourself constantly having to do touch-ups. Other than going bare-faced, what can be done? There are simple tips and tricks that can be done to keep your face perfectly in place and free from dripping and running. If you’re not one to adopt and embrace the natural look, try these summer beauty tips to wear makeup while conquering the hot weather.

summer beach

Protection from the Sun:  When it comes to summer beauty products, sunscreen is the number one thing you should be laying on thick. Several facial moisturizers are now multitaskers when it comes to preventing sun damage. They are a great base for your face, wear well under makeup and will keep your skin feeling fresh and moisturized while it’s baking in the hot summer sun. If you are prone to chapped lips, sunscreen even comes in the form of lip balm now and can act as a great alternative to traditional heavy lipstick.

Water Spray: Now before you say, “No Way”, give it a shot. A water spray has long been a popular way of keeping your makeup fresh in the heat. Now you can also get a makeup spray designated to do the same job. If you are one whose makeup tends to quickly fade in hot conditions, carry a portable bottle around in your bag and give your face a quick spray to hold everything in. It’ll also help you feel cooler and keep your face hydrated.

Waterproof Products: Who wants streaky, drippy raccoon eyes after a day at the beach? Waterproof mascara is a must in the hot summer weather.  Apply waterproof mascara or any waterproof makeup before you head out and you will come out of the pool looking as fabulous as when you stepped in.

Make the switch to Lip-gloss: Put aside your favorite dark lipsticks until the hot summer heat has passed. Don’t want to leave your lips bare? You don’t have to. Make the switch to lip-gloss for a lighter, softer look. It can be reapplied if necessary and even looks better in the heat than those heavy dark lipsticks.

Oil-Free Foundation: This is a huge must have for achieving a summer glow. If you are one who likes to wear a base as part of your makeup routine, switch the type you use over the summer. A heavy foundation isn’t necessary or suitable for the hot conditions. An oil-free or light mineral foundation won’t leave that greasy SPF shine and has a strong setting power: a must have in the summer heat! It’s lighter on your skin and will avoid the look of globs of powder caked all over your face.

Get ready to say hello to summer by following these summer beauty tips and tricks and you will be amazed at how simple it is to keep your makeup fresh in the heat. The trick is to adapt to the changing conditions; therefore, it just isn’t practical to keep up your same morning routine. Keep it light, simple and sheer and you will be good to go for the next beach bash.