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Plan the Perfect Valentines Day Date

Valentine’s Day may be three weeks away, but that is all the more reason to begin planning for your special day! When it comes to love, you can never be over-prepared. For many couples, cards, flowers and jewelry are the go-to purchases for Valentine’s Day. However, now more than ever, couples are amping up the game and opting for more experiential gifts, such as spa days or romantic getaways. In fact, last year, Americans spent over $3 billion on travel and entertainment for the February 14th holiday, and the number is expected to rise even more for 2016. With that being said, it seems as though the best way to win over your valentine’s heart is to take them on a getaway trip.  According to the Travel Channel, whether you are looking for a romantic city escapade or a relaxing beach vacation, here are the top travel destinations for this year’s holiday. 


Thinking of planning a weekend? Here are some ideas to help you and your loved one visit a few of these destinations this Valentine’s Day.

– A Picnic on the Beach

If you want to have a romantic Valentine’s Day, there is no better place to spend it than in a tropical paradise such as Honolulu, Hawaii, If you find yourself on the island for Valentine’s Day, you do not need to worry about going on a fancy getaway because you are already in one of the most romantic cities in the country. To make this date happen, remember your exotic flower lei as a gift for your lover. Second, set up the beach blanket with flickering candles and be sure to get the very best bottle of red and white one, preferably one each, and grab some cheese and crackers. picnicRemember the grapes and exotic fruits to pair with the wine and cheese!

To follow up your romantic beach picnic, go for a nighttime swim or schedule a couple’s massage on the beach under the moonlight. Several hotels and spas in the area offer beach side massage.

– Leave Your Heart in San Francisco

Love is on the water this Valentine’s Day. Set sail for a special Valentine’s dinner cruise and feast on a delicious buffet while sipping your choice of wine and beer. You and your loved one can dance the night away to the sounds of the DJ or even step outside to enjoy the best views of the breathtaking San Francisco city skyline. For an unforgettable Valentine’s Day, delight in the entire experience of this romantic dinner excursion around the famous bay.

cruise sanfran

During the day, take your special someone off the beaten path and hike through San Francisco’s historic Presidio Park. With lots of open space and trails, this area provides plenty of opportunities to enjoy the quiet  beauty that can only found in this unique place. To finish the holiday off, be sure to steal a kiss on Lover’s Lane and experience the sunset from Baker Beach.

– Animal Lovers Get Up Close and Personal

Imagine you and your special someone are greeted by some of the friendliest, smartest and most beautiful creatures, all ready to smother you with kisses, take you for a ride and splash around. If this sounds like something you would love to do, visit the Miami Seaquarium for the Dolphin Odyssey experience followed by a delicious candlelight dinner under the stars. Swimming with dolphins is an experience that will stay with you forever. After your experience, explore the rest of the park for a chance to observe vibat saltwater fish, rescued manatees, sharks, crocodiles, giant sea turtle, parrots and much more. Finished with the aquarium? Take each other on a romantic stroll through one of Florida’s most beautiful attractions: Fairchild Botanical Gardens.

dolphin gardens

Take in the sights and sounds of a virtual tropical paradise, throw down a blanket in many of the wonderful gardens and have a private picnic or simply enjoy one another’s company. Considering this part of the day is free, this is one seriously romantic deal!

Valentine’s Day is not only a reminder to appreciate your loved ones, but also a good excuse for a romantic weekend vacation. A quick getaway in February doesn’t always have to break the bank, either. Use these ideas to plan the perfect holiday your Valentine will love. This year, skip the roses and chocolate and go for a gift your partner will really love – a romantic getaway.