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Moms Need “Me Time”

‘Me Time’ is something we all crave. It is vital to us as humans, partners, colleagues and especially as Moms. We know how hard Moms work and finding time to step back and be on your own can be complicated no matter how supportive your family and friends are. With Mother’s Day right around the corner, we compiled some great tips to help you get the most out of your ‘Me time’. And Moms, don’t feel bad! Think of your alone time as a chance to recharge your batteries, do something you love and find the time and space to enjoy just being you.

Being a mother is one of the hardest jobs in the world. You tackle many different responsibilities and wear multiple hats. But it is so important to take some time for yourself. Ignoring the way you feel and continuing on, will not only leave you feeling flustered but it will do a great disservice to the relationships you wish to maintain. There are many reasons that Moms need alone time and here are some great ways to get it.


Clarity – With all the parental obligations, schedules and high work demand, it may be difficult to hear your own thoughts. Try stepping away from your everyday routine, even for just half an hour. This can give you the time you need to be one with your thoughts. Go for a walk, take a drive and try to eliminate any distractions. When you have a clear head, you will see how much easier it is to decipher what truly matters. No matter how busy you may be, Moms need ‘Me Time’ to find some clarity.

Set The Pace – Starting your day off right is so important. The key is to take a couple minutes to yourself. Try waking up earlier before everyone else does, make a cup of coffee and take a seat somewhere quiet. When you set the pace for the rest of the day by making the choice to do something for yourself in the morning, it makes a huge difference in the way you deal with pressing issues.

Quiet Time – As a Mom, sometimes all you need is a chance to be in silence, to take a moment to breathe. Find the time to do something quiet, away from planning and prioritizing responsibilities. You don’t even need to leave the comfort of your own home. Love yoga? There are several apps you can download to practice yoga and meditation on your own. Love baking? Download a recipe walk-through app and get your apron on. With all the technological resources we have today, whatever your hobby may be, there is always a way to have it right there at your fingertips and set aside quiet time for it daily.

Taking some time for yourself is incredibly important to what kind of Mom you are and who you are as an individual. Moms need alone time and finding it can be difficult. This Mother’s Day, follow our tips and make sure the day all about you. Find the much needed ‘Me Time’ you deserve.