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Lend a Hand Crème Helps Save the Florida Sea Turtles

Photo Courtesy of Marco Giuliano

When my family and I moved into our current house in south Florida, I realized just how close I was living to one of nature’s oldest-living creatures, the sea turtle.  This was a lucky coincidence for me, a longtime nature and animal lover.  My kids and I adore these ancient reptiles, which have roamed Earth since the days of the dinosaurs.  Lucky for us, our deck looks out onto one of the prime sea turtle nesting sites, where thousands of female Loggerhead turtles nest every year.

Here is how it works: Every April through September, the lady Loggerheads make the laborious journey out of the ocean and on to the beach to deposit 100 or so golf-ball-sized eggs into big holes that they dig in the sand.  They do this a few times before returning to the ocean and frequently do not nest again for another two years.  After a 45- to 60-day incubation period, the eggs hatch and the adorable, but vulnerable, hatchlings make their way back to the ocean – if they are lucky – for what could be a 50-year life.

I say “if they are lucky” because six of the seven species of sea turtles worldwide, including the Loggerheads, are currently classified as endangered.  This is due mostly to human intervention- overdevelopment of the coastline, destruction of the natural sea turtle habitats and capture for their eggs, meat, leather, and shells.

Photo Courtesy of National Save the Sea Turtle Foundation

Florida currently has the second largest population of Loggerheads.  Inspired by these creatures’ amazing journeys and motivated by their sheer strength, Pura Botanica has become quite active with the National Save the Sea Turle Foundation, which helps provide funding and supports conservation efforts in Broward County, Florida.  Through Save the Sea Turtle, Pura Botanica has adopted a sea turtle nest, and has even developed one of its products, the Lend a Hand Crème Smoother, with the charity – and the turle – in mind. A portion of proceeds from Lend a Hand benefit the charity.

Check out the Lend a Hand packaging, with an image of one of these gorgeous creatures making its way across the sand.  We are proud of our conservation efforts, which have always been central to the company’s mission of creating products from responsibly-sourced ingredients.  We invite you to join us in our mission to lend a hand to the sea turtles.  Click here for more information about supporting the turtles. www.savetheseaturtle.org




P.S. The photos of the hatchlings were graciously provided by the National Save the Sea Turtle Foundation. These delicate creatures leave their nests at night and head directly to the sea. Therefore capturing these photos is an amazing accomplishment!