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Give The Gift Of Healthy Living

From taking us on our first fishing trip to teaching us the answers to some of life’s most difficult questions, our fathers are important to us in several ways. As you prepare to celebrate Dad this Sunday, you may be left with the unsolved question of what to get him for Father’s Day. Often, people tend to look for gifts that provide more leisure and relaxation time for their Dads, however, the gift of healthy living can be a thoughtful and fun alternative to show your father you care.

Here are some Father’s Day gift ideas that will help promote Dad’s healthier lifestyle this year.


  1. Club membership: If your dad likes to hunt, golf or exercise, there are various membership-based activities available that allow for him to enjoy his favorite hobby or even take up a new one. Memberships to a gun range, country club or fitness center are good examples of fun ways to help him stay active.

  1. Fitness band: A fitness tracking device can be a positive way to encourage your dad to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Fitness bands come in many varieties and can be found at various price points. They track your activity stats and help you reach your health and fitness goals. Some even go as far as monitoring sleep patterns. The right choice for your dad will depend on your budget, how comfortable your father is with technology and which features you choose.


  1. Power tools: An oldie but a goodie, power tools make for great Father’s Day gifts. They promote healthier living by encouraging your dad to continue taking on those home improvement projects.

  1. Personal Training Session: Encourage Dad to get moving! Sometimes we need others to motivate us. If you know Dad wants to work out but doesn’t know where to start, try enlisting him a personal trainer. Or better yet, plan a fun physical activity together with him for a day; such a golfing, tennis or a hike and be his own personal trainer!


  1. Hammock: Everyone needs a minute to kick their feet up and relax. Make sure that Dad takes mental breaks this summer by giving him a hammock. Most are even portable now, so he can take it along on any trip.

  1. Fill the Day with Hugs: When was the last time you gave your dad a nice bear hug? Even those of us who routinely think to kiss a loved one goodbye, often forget the warm embrace, especially with people we see often. But, make sure you give at least one hug as part of your Father’s Day gift this year. It will make both the hugger and the receiver feel happy and good inside.


While plenty of Dad’s may be happy with a day off from work and a cold one, this year try suggesting some healthier alternatives. Regardless of how old your father is or the types of activities he enjoys, promoting healthy hobbies and encouraging an active lifestyle is a great way to show your appreciation for your dad this Father’s Day.