Pura Botanica FAQ

What is Pura Botanica?

Pura Botanica is a producer of luxurious, all-natural bath-and-body products and elegant, cruelty-free travel accessories. Pura Botanica’s products embody a way of life that supports organic ingredients and sustainable products; it is for people who want to turn everyday rituals, like taking a bath, into an indulgent experience that is a true
sensory escape from the stresses of modern life. Pura Botanica offers customers a “passport to bliss” that can be tapped into anywhere, anytime with products such as Botanic Bath Infusions, Soy Candle Jars, and All-Natural Hair & Body Care.

How eco-friendly are the products?

Each bath-and-body product is sustainably harvested and made of at least 98 percent truly natural ingredients. Every product is made without sulfates, parabens, synthetic perfumes or fragrances or phthalates. In fact, a number of Pura Botanica’s products have been certified by the Natural Products Association, the largest and oldest non-profit organization in the country for the natural products industry. Pura Botanica makes every effort to use recycled or recyclable packaging and to honor PETA’s code of ethics in all stages of product development. Our promise is to ensure our all-natural bath & body products meet the highest standards for your optimal health as well as the health of our environment.

What all-natural products do you offer?


This new line of luxurious hair and bath-and-body products will cleanse, condition, and moisturize your precious hair, scalp, and skin with a selection of fine, nature-derived ingredients including soothing aloe vera, moisturizing shea butter, Jojoba and Marula Nut oils, and invigorating mint. The shampoo, cleanser, and lotion have been certified by the Natural Products Association based on that organization’s ingredient, safety, responsibility, and sustainability standards. Naturally, all products are free of sulfates, parabens, synthetic preservatives or fragrance, and phthalates. Organic Spa Magazine selected the Freshly Minted Travel Kit as an Editor’s Pick.

• True Shampoo

• In Condition

• Body Beautiful Cleanser

• Lotion to Love


• Natural Products Association-Certified Cleansing Bars in Chai Vanilla, Spiced Citrus, Peppermint Leaf, and Herbal Tonic Scents.

• Botanic Bath Infusions, a three-in-one bath therapy made of mineral sea salts, essential oils, and curative herbs and flowers. Available in four scents: Lost in Lavender, Moments in Mint, Pick Me Up, and Rosé Retreat.

• Lend a Hand Crème Smoother, which has met the ingredient, safety, environmental, and sustainability standards of the Natural Products Association. Pura Botanica donates a portion of proceeds to the National Save the Sea Turtle Foundation, which helps preserve the fragile sea turtle ecosystem along         Florida’s Atlantic coastline where the company is based.


Pura Botanica’s line of chic, cruelty-free Travel Accessories keeps all of your documents, jewelry, and other travel essentials in their place and perfectly organized. Made from luxurious, faux ostrich material and available in Black, Brown, Tan, and Cream. The line includes:

• Document Organizer

• Essentials Pouch

• Jewelry Travel Case

• Luggage Tag


Fragrant aromatherapy candles provide an instant sensory escape in a small, elegant package. They are made with 100 percent cosmetic-grade soy wax infused with natural essential oils. Available in a recycled and reusable 6.7-oz. glass jar with up to 50 hours of burning time and a 3-oz. travel tin with up to 21 hours of burning time. Available in four scents: Fulfill Mint, Oh-So-Citrus, Sweet Chai, and Tea Garden.

Where your all natural products sold?

The Pura Botanica collection is sold in specialty boutiques, high-end resorts, and online at www.purabotanica.com. Retail prices range from $7 to $185.

About Pura Botanica’s Founder

Christy Booth is a married mother of two, a passionate world traveler, and a seeker of authentic experiences. Booth founded Pura Botanica in the spring of 2009 to bring all-natural bath-and-body products and luxurious, cruelty-free travel accessories made from ingredients sourced from around the globe to the market. The company launched its first account at the Ritz-Carlton Resort & Spa near the company’s headquarters in coastal Florida. The company mission says it all:

“Pura Botanica is inspired by the beauty of the natural world. We have taken this beauty, peace, pleasure, and intrigue and turned it into a line of little luxuries. Our passions run deep. We care about the ingredients in our products and how they sustain our wellness. We rely on time-tested formulas that lift the senses and the spirit. From beguiling treasures collected from all corners of the globe to the; purest ingredients sourced directly from nature, Pura Botanica delivers simple joy in unexpected ways. In a world rich with secrets, we seek to share the most transcendent of finds and to provide a passport to bliss.”

Booth believes that it isn’t enough to create wonderful products. She also believes in being a good environmental steward and a responsible corporate citizen. Pura Botanica donates a portion of the proceeds from the best-selling Lend a Hand Crème Smoother to the National Save the Sea Turtle Foundation, which helps preserve the fragile sea turtle ecosystem along Florida’s Atlantic coastline where the company is based. Booth works hard to ensure that the company’s claim to use all-natural or organic ingredients in its products is not just green washing. A number of Pura Botanica’s products have met the stringent ingredient, environmental, and sustainability standards set by the Natural Products Association.

Where do I learn more about Pura Botanica?

Keep up-to-date on the latest Pura Botanica news, events, and product offerings our website.

Founder Christy Booth blogs as Miss Bliss at The Pura Post where she writes about her inspirations, experiences as a world traveler, her passion, and charitable work.

All Natural Product Awards:

Earth Day Beauty Award Awarded by “Healing Lifestyles and Spas: All Natural Hand Cream Smoother, 2016

Beauty with a Conscience Award by Natural Solutions Magazine: Rose Retreat Botanic Bath Infusion, 2014

Cosmetic Innovator of the Year Award by (CITY) Finalist: Botanic Bath Infusions, 2013

Beauty with a Conscience Award by Natural Solutions Magazine Finalist: Lend a Hand Crème & Botanic Bath Infusion

Outstanding Visual Display Award by AmericasMart, 2012

100 Outstanding Women of Broward County Award, 2012