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Collagen Boosting Beauty

If your wish is to look in the mirror each morning and have your face appear younger and more vibrant, then you are not alone. Most of our beauty woes are due to the fact that after the age of 35, our body starts producing less and less collagen (the main structural protein found in skin and connective tissues). A loss of collagen means that our skin loses firmness and gradually begins to wrinkle and sag. As a result, too many people invest their time and money into expensive cosmetics, supplements and even surgical procedures to make themselves appear younger. However, the solution may be more simple and affordable than that. To much surprise, some of the most basic foods can do wonders for our skin, although most people aren’t even aware.

Here are some of the simplest foods you can eat that will revamp your body’s collagen production and earn back your glow, without requiring a drastic change in your diet.





Antioxidants: These are one of the most important factors in achieving healthy and younger looking skin. Our bodies need a constant flow of antioxidants in order to help fight off damaging free radicals that can cause the skin to age at a much faster rate. Because our body is unable to produce its own antioxidants, we must supply them through our diet. An easy way to get them is by eating lots of fruits and vegetables, which are also high in Vitamin C. If you are more of a “DIY’er”, try making your own homemade smoothies and soups.


Know Your Healthy Fats: Contrary to popular belief, some fats are beneficial to the body. What are known as ‘good fats’ can help lubricate the skin, leaving it feeling nourished from the inside out. “Good fats” help strengthen our skin cells, making our skin feel supple and smooth and even will leave behind that beautiful glow. If you are unsure of what foods contain “good fats”, here’s a place to start. Foods such as avocado, nuts, seeds, olive oil and fish are all high in protein and omega-3 fatty acids.


Bone Broth: That’s right, the kind of homemade broth our grandmother’s used to make is super nutritious and full of beneficial vitamins and minerals. There’s a reason chicken broth is known to be a healer and is recognized as the soup for the soul. Regularly cooking a batch of broth to use in recipes makes such a difference to the skin. It contains collagen which helps keep the skin smooth, firm and less wrinkly. You can even add in heaps of natural vegetables and spices such as garlic, turmeric and chili to have an inexpensive, original super-food.




Next time you are tempted by the hundreds of commercials showing wrinkle free and anti-aging cream, grab a big bowl of broth and handful of berries instead. There are tons of foods out there that can help keep your skin young and beautiful, working from the inside out. Adding plenty of these to your diet can be a big improvement to the overall look and feel of your skin.