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Valentines Day Around the World

This month, February 14th marks the day of celebration of St. Valentine, both across the United States and around the world. While the legend of St. Valentine remains a mystery, it is told that he sent the first Valentine’s Day greeting. The legend says that Valentine fell in love while being imprisoned, perhaps with the jail keeper’s daughter who visited him. Before his death, he is said to have written her a letter and signed it, “From your Valentine.” Regardless … READ MORE

Plan the Perfect Valentines Day Date

Valentine’s Day may be three weeks away, but that is all the more reason to begin planning for your special day! When it comes to love, you can never be over-prepared. For many couples, cards, flowers and jewelry are the go-to purchases for Valentine’s Day. However, now more than ever, couples are amping up the game and opting for more experiential gifts, such as spa days or romantic getaways. In fact, last year, Americans spent over $3 billion on travel … READ MORE

Travel Beauty Tips

Whether you are jetting off to the tropics or flying home for the holidays, you always want to make sure you look your best without packing your entire bathroom full of skin, hair and beauty products. With extra airline baggage fees and restrictions on liquids, here are some tips and tricks that will make you more cosmetic and beauty-savvy when it comes to traveling in style. 1) Know Your Essentials What makeup can’t you live without? After performing the same … READ MORE

What to Pack for a Summer Getaway

EUROPE Traveling abroad is not as simple as buying a ticket and hopping on a plane. The top priority should always be safety, no matter where you travel and part of staying in an unfamiliar place is dressing to blend in. So, before you get out your suitcase and pack for that European getaway, here are some things you should leave in your closet.  It is wise to dress conservatively in any country abroad, especially those holding deep religious views. … READ MORE

Natural Products Expo East and upcoming events

If you are in the natural products/beauty industry, it will come as no surprise to you that the Natural Products East Expo (NPEE) is right around the corner. As the time quickly approaches, there are certain tips that will make your trip to the show as easy and smooth as possible.  Here is the first part of our Survival Guide from last year that will help you prepare for your experience at NPEE 2015. Also, here are some upcoming … READ MORE

Summer Beauty Tips for 2015

Wearing makeup in the hot summer sun can be more trouble than it’s worth! Trying to keep makeup looking fresh in the heat is often difficult because your face perspires and you find yourself constantly having to do touch-ups. Other than going bare-faced, what can be done? There are simple tips and tricks that can be done to keep your face perfectly in place and free from dripping and running. If you’re not one to adopt and embrace the natural … READ MORE

Tips for a Stress-Free Vacation

Summer is finally here. With the kids out of school and the arrival of beautiful weather, it is an enjoyable time for everyone! Many of us like to spend the summer making travel plans and going to exciting places with friends and family. However, while the idea of traveling somewhere can be new and exciting, it can also be very stressful. The work required to plan the perfect vacation can hang on our shoulders. Sometimes we even forget that the … READ MORE

Survival Guide To The NPEE 2014: Where to go in Baltimore

During downtime, there are a number of things you can do in downtown Baltimore to make sure your trip is fun, as well as successful. To start with don’t miss the Harvest Festival on the outside terrace of the convention center on Wednesday, September 17th from 2-6 pm; It’s an eclectic hybrid of a farmers market and trade show, and it opens up the Natural Products East Expo. Also, check out the Balti more Harbor, which is close by the … READ MORE

Survival Guide To The NPEE 2014: At The Show

Now that you are at the show, here are some tips to help Buyers be more successful at the NPEE. Check out the surrounding area near each booth you visit. It’s worth learning about the nearby booths in an area to see if they have similar products, or a product you may be more interested in, or can’t find elsewhere. Many exhibitors help the booths around them and work together to make it a beneficial show for all attending. This … READ MORE

Survival Guide To The NPEE 2014 : What To Bring

If you are in the Natural Products industry it’s no surprise to you that the Natural Products East Expo (NPEE) is right around the corner and you’re undoubtedly already starting to prepare. As soon as the doors open on Wednesday, September 17, you’re sure to get caught up in the events, speakers, buyers, and education on natural products and the companies there presenting them. Year after year the NPEE proves to be a great event to explore innovative business models and new natural products. … READ MORE

3 Essential Tips for Carefree Travel

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Get Organized The most important thing about worry-free travel is being organized. Start with a packing list and stick to it. But let’s face it, even with lists, most of us usually end up with a suitcase we’re sitting on top of to try and close. Once you have all your items, lay them out on the bed and scrap at least three. You really won’t need that 5th pair of running shorts on your three day vacation, we promise. … READ MORE

Summer Travel Hostess Gifts

Off for a weekend visiting your pal’s spread on the Vineyard, up in Maine, or out in the Hamptons? Lucky you! Just remember—your mother was right about the first rule of good guesting: Never arrive empty-handed. Sure, your hosts will say they don’t need anything. That doesn’t mean they won’t be delighted when you show up on their doorstep with a gift, a big smile, and an offer to a) empty the dishwasher, b) throw in a towel wash, c) … READ MORE

Pack It All In: Tips for Fashionable, Fun and Stress-Free Travel

I just returned from an incredible, eco-adventure and safari getaway in South Africa where I communed with leopards, lions, zebras and elephants (oh, my!) and took a much-needed break from the busy past two months. Between the Oscars gifting suite and the CEW event in New York City, I have been up, down and across the US and, now, across an ocean. Good thing I took my own packing and travel advice, which helped me stay organized and calm. Here … READ MORE

Oscar Winning Writer and Composer Love Pura Botanica’s Travel-Friendly Freshly Minted Take Me Along Kit

Luxury Bath and Body Products Help Busy Celebs Take Their Morning Ritual On the Road Few people know the meaning of the word busy better than an Oscar winner. Just ask Steven Price and Craig Borten. Price won his first Academy Award on Sunday for composing the score for Oscar darling Gravity. And Craig Borten co-wrote the Oscar-winning script for Dallas Buyers Club that helped Matthew McConaughey and Jared Leto snag their own big wins!     After a quick … READ MORE

Miss Bliss’ Favorite NYC Hot Spots

New York City is one of my favorite cities in the world; the crowds, world-class restaurants and chic boutiques make it an incomparable destination to visit.  Much as I love it, the fast-paced nature can wear me down.  And when it does, I unwind and reboot at one of the city’s many luxurious spas.  I just returned from a fabulous couple of days at the Holiday Gift Guide Media Event in NYC and was reminded of some of my favorite … READ MORE