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PRESS RELEASE: Help Pura Botanica Make a Difference this Mother’s Day

Lighthouse Point, FL — Show Mom how much you care this Mother’s Day, and help make the day one to remember for thousands of children at the Boys and Girls Clubs of Broward County, BGCBC, by purchasing Pura Botanica’s special Mother’s Day Gift Set. This year’s gift set includes luxurious, all- natural bath and body-care products to help give mom a little more of what she needs most…relaxation,rest, and rejuvenation; and Pura Botanica will donate ALL proceeds to the Boys … READ MORE

Introducing Botanic Bath Infusion Singles

Pura Products is really excited to announce that you can now purchase our Botanic Bath Infusions in singles which make it even easier for you to give the gift of wellness or maintain your own on the go. Our Botanic Bath Infusions are all natural bath therapies that combine restorative mineral sea salts, fragrant herbs and flowers, and healing essential oils. Let us help you choose which ones are right for you.     Want to wash away a long … READ MORE

Helping Make a Difference One Mother at a Time

We’ve been talking a lot over the past couple of weeks about our campaign to Make a Difference this Mother’s Day by helping to raise money for the Boys & Girls Clubs of Broward County (BGCBC). I have lived and worked in Broward County, Florida for almost 20 years and have served on the Corporate Board of the organization for 2 years in addition to volunteering for various committee locally for 4. So, it made perfect sense that I would … READ MORE

Pack It All In: Tips for Fashionable, Fun and Stress-Free Travel

I just returned from an incredible, eco-adventure and safari getaway in South Africa where I communed with leopards, lions, zebras and elephants (oh, my!) and took a much-needed break from the busy past two months. Between the Oscars gifting suite and the CEW event in New York City, I have been up, down and across the US and, now, across an ocean. Good thing I took my own packing and travel advice, which helped me stay organized and calm. Here … READ MORE

Birth Announcement: The Pura Botanica Family Expands!

As I write this post, I’m getting ready to go to Baltimore, Maryland to launch our brand new All-Natural Cleansing Bars at Natural Products Expo East, a huge trade event dedicated to promoting organic and natural products. Pura Botanica will have an impressive showing at the event, with eight products—including all four Cleansing Bars scents and the Freshly Minted Collection—on display. Each one has met the strict standards of the Natural Products Association (NPA) for ingredient purity, animal and environmental … READ MORE

Little is the New Big

We all know that good things come in small packages—babies, little blue boxes from Tiffany’s, dark chocolate truffles—and now, Pura Botanica products do too. Readers of this blog know that I am passionate about travel and love experiencing new cultures, meeting new people, and discovering fabulous new products. But I also want to be able to maintain my daily beauty routine while away from home. Who wants to find herself in Marseilles or Melbourne without a trusted conditioner or cleanser? … READ MORE

Miss Bliss’ Favorite NYC Hot Spots

New York City is one of my favorite cities in the world; the crowds, world-class restaurants and chic boutiques make it an incomparable destination to visit.  Much as I love it, the fast-paced nature can wear me down.  And when it does, I unwind and reboot at one of the city’s many luxurious spas.  I just returned from a fabulous couple of days at the Holiday Gift Guide Media Event in NYC and was reminded of some of my favorite … READ MORE

Miss Bliss’ Top Tips for a Delightful Trip

Summer is just around the corner, which means that many of us are gearing up for well-deserved vacations and getaways. Whether you are planning a quick weekend getaway or a two-week sojourn to South Africa, preparedness is key to a successful trip. Here are a few of my tips for purely blissful, stress-free travel. Do your research: Maybe you need help deciding where to go. Or you want to learn more about your locale of choice. National Geographic Traveler and … READ MORE

Decoding Natural Products Association (NPA) Certification

We have been talking a lot recently about our Natural Products Association (NPA) certification.  Three of the four products in our just-launched Freshly Minted line received this certification at the end of last year, giving us three big reasons to celebrate the holidays early!  Like any proud mom, we have been bragging about this to everyone before we realized that many of our consumers might not know what, exactly, this certification means. First, some background.  The Natural Products Association was … READ MORE

A Freshly Minted Year

A fresh start—that’s what I love so much about welcoming in the New Year. It’s an opportunity to reevaluate our lives, toss out the negative feelings and bad habits and, hopefully, replace them with life-enhancing ones. I tend to avoid the kinds of sweeping resolutions that I know I cannot keep. Instead, I set my mind towards improvement. Who knows? Maybe the baby steps will evolve into significant change. Did you know that if every household in the U.S. replaced … READ MORE

Pura’s 8 Tips for Maintaining the Bliss this Holiday Season

Sometimes just thinking about all of the things that have to get done for the holidays is enough to stress us out. There is gift shopping for family, friends, colleagues and teachers; cleaning and decorating the house; planning and shopping for celebratory meals…need I go on? Moms, in particular, know this drill because we are so good at it and because we spend most of our waking hours taking care of other people. What if this holiday season you kept … READ MORE

Salt of the Earth

I’ve had salt on my mind ever since my Mediterranean tour in September. When I was in Kos, Greece, I couldn’t believe all of the different types of salts for sale at the markets. Of course, Grecian women have known the healing secrets of sea salt for centuries and have used this mineral in their beauty regimens—as a natural exfoliant and moisturizing facial peel (when mixed with olive oil)—for just as long. Salt is more than an ingredient for a … READ MORE

The Year of the Rose

Flowers, like fashion, have their seasons in the sun, fading, and then returning with a whole new attitude. And so it is with roses. In 1986, Congress declared the rose the floral symbol of the US, but for the past few decades this beautiful flower has been displaced by jasmine and iris. Roses are once again in full bloom, in perfumes, lotions and anti-aging products. We think that it is about time. Roses have been rhapsodized over for centuries, first … READ MORE

Lend a Hand Crème Helps Save the Florida Sea Turtles

When my family and I moved into our current house in south Florida, I realized just how close I was living to one of nature’s oldest-living creatures, the sea turtle.  This was a lucky coincidence for me, a longtime nature and animal lover.  My kids and I adore these ancient reptiles, which have roamed Earth since the days of the dinosaurs.  Lucky for us, our deck looks out onto one of the prime sea turtle nesting sites, where thousands of … READ MORE