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Hug It Out

When it comes to displaying affection, there are three types of people in this world; Those who are touchy-feely and always say hello with a hug, those who are occasional huggers and those who find showing affection uncomfortable. According to recent research studies, the touchy-feely friends may actually be happier and healthier, as hugs have been identified as a viable source of both mental and physical health.      Hugs Can Reduce Stress or Conflict Before it Starts Whenever someone … READ MORE

Understanding Beauty Standards and Lingo

Thankfully, we live in a society that has slowly become more conscientious and aware of the environment and what surrounds us. Thus, there has been a huge surge in green cosmetics and beauty products. It is safe to say that just about everyone has a natural, organic product that they rave to all their friends about. But, next time before you buy, it is important to know the terms and regulations around products that claim to be natural, organic or … READ MORE

Find A Deeper Happiness

When it comes to personal happiness, new research shows that winning the lottery or obtaining that promotion doesn’t necessarily cut it. According to a growing number of experts, those exhilarating moments in our lives don’t permanently raise the dials on our day-to-day ‘HAPPY-ometer”. In fact, life coach and sociologist Martha Beck says that “We live in a culture that tells us we’re supposed to be euphoric all the time, but that feeling is just not sustainable. Happiness – and I … READ MORE

What is Ayurveda, Anyway?

Through my studies and research of topics for these blogs, time and time again I have come across the term ‘ayurveda’. At first I assumed it was a spice or herb, since I have seen it used in the title of many food and medicinal products. However, seeing it on anything from White Ayurvedic Chai Tea to Ayurveda Yoga Studios, I never really took the time to stop and think about the meaning behind the term, which has driven me … READ MORE

History of Veganism

The month of November marks National Vegan Month, a celebration for both lifelong vegans and those who are beginning to make the transition. For some, veganism stops at food, but for others it even extends to clothing and everyday beauty products. Some people, whether vegan or not, may be wondering, “who the was the first vegan?” or “how did the whole movement of veganism get started?” For those who don’t know, veganism is a stronger form of vegetarianism in which … READ MORE

Why Andes Rose Salt is Great for Your Health

We’ve heard time and time again about the benefits of a relaxing soak in a tub with bath salts – and for good reason – the benefits range from skin restoration to stress relief with many in between. We love bath salts and spending some quality time in a good soak with a great book. But it’s not just about pouring some fancy smelling products for extra indulgence; our bath salts are all-natural blends of sea salts, essential oils, and … READ MORE

How & Why to Take an Epsom Salt Bath

It’s the middle of summer and we’ve all been working hard on maintaining our bikini bodies, staying healthy with exercise, and pursuing our fitness goals. But with working out comes sore muscles and tired limbs. What’s a girl (or guy) to do? Take an Epsom salt bath! They’ve been shown to relieve sore muscles so you can get to your next workout feeling fresh.   How do you take an Epsom salt bath? Epsom salt baths are the most effective … READ MORE

Must-Have Beauty Hacks to Beat the Summer Heat

While summer may be our favorite season, it is also a time when we are wearing less, leaving our skin more exposed. Welcoming sunshine, sandals and indulging in frozen margaritas on the beach sounds like the perfect vacation, however, the heat can also bring along its own set of beauty challenges. Whether it’s a sunburn, extra sweat or uncontrollable hair, summer can really put a damper on our beauty routines. Here are some of the best summer hacks you can … READ MORE

Herbal Remedies

Herbs have been used for hundreds of years as a healing remedy and scientists are finally starting to give credit to these plants natural healing abilities. Herbs have been used as powerful remedies for various ailments such as arthritis pain, reducing high blood sugar and controlling cholesterol levels. Recently, scientists even discovered amazing new powers in the best healing herbs such as the ability to kill cancer cells and help alcoholics curb their intake. Whether you are new to this idea or have been using … READ MORE

Woman Use 515 Chemicals a day!

On average, women use twice as many personal care products than men, therefore, are applying far more chemicals to their bodies. This begs the question; how harmful can using these beauty products be for your health? Between cosmetics, perfume, personal care products and feminine hygiene products, women in the United States apply an average of 515 Chemicals to their bodies each day! Although some of these are completely harmless, others are endocrine disruptors, carcinogens and even neurotoxins. In fact, most of these products have not … READ MORE

Make The Switch To Natural Beauty Products

You have officially decided that you want to make the switch to a greener, more eco-friendly life. Well, it all starts with beauty. Whether it be your New Year’s resolution finally kicking in or your body simply telling you it wants to be healthier, it is time for you to go all-natural. So, now what? Where do you start? While making the choice to ditch harsh and harmful chemicals from your beauty routine is great, it can be a rather … READ MORE

The Art of the Soak

For centuries, Native Americans, European explorers and visitors from all across the world have flocked to natural hot springs to bathe in their healing waters. The term “taking the waters” actually derived from the belief that soaking in or sipping the water from a hot spring could cure almost any ailment. However, over time, the popularity of this practice has since lost its resilience… until now. The recent resurgence of wellness resorts and mineral spas popping up around the nation … READ MORE

Style Your Way Through a Warm Winter

Snowman Couple in Swimsuits

The coming of the Holiday Season usually brings forth colder weather, however, for most people around the nation, ringing in the New Year called for wearing shorts and a light sweater while watching fireworks erupt in the clear winter skies. According to the National Weather Service, those in the northern tier of the United States can look forward to a warm winter this year, with the 2016 season calling for record high temperatures. If you are used to being bundled … READ MORE

Demand For Organic Beauty

Organic Soap Bar

When it comes to beauty products, we should not have to worry about how many unscrupulous ingredients are present in those pretty little packages. In fact, the trend toward all-natural products extends far beyond the supermarket shelves. Today’s consumers are realizing that everything they breathe, intake, or apply to their body can and does affect your personal health, which has caused many to re-assess their personal care products. According to a new market study published by Transparency Market Research, the … READ MORE

‘FALL’ing into a new routine – Fashion

As the days of tanning at the beach and sleeping in late are coming to a close, everyone is starting to prepare for the cooler autumn temperatures and latest seasonal fashion trends. However, there is still time to savor some of that warm, sunny weather. The end of summer brings with it your last chance to show off that beautiful summer style and to embrace the lighter colors and airy fabrics. No one likes switching out their wardrobe each time … READ MORE