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Pura’s 8 Tips for Maintaining the Bliss this Holiday Season

Sometimes just thinking about all of the things that have to get done for the holidays is enough to stress us out. There is gift shopping for family, friends, colleagues and teachers; cleaning and decorating the house; planning and shopping for celebratory meals…need I go on? Moms, in particular, know this drill because we are so good at it and because we spend most of our waking hours taking care of other people. What if this holiday season you kept … READ MORE

Save 25% Sitewide on Cyber Monday

We are about to launch a big, site-wide Cyber Monday promotion and want you to save 25% off our entire line of bath and body products, including soothing, all-natural hand crème for women and men, botanic bath salts, aromatic soy candles and vegan-friendly travel accessories. What do you need to do to get the savings? If you haven’t already, LIKE Pura Botanica on Facebook. Go there now! If you already like Pura on Facebook, thank you! You will receive a … READ MORE

Salt of the Earth

I’ve had salt on my mind ever since my Mediterranean tour in September. When I was in Kos, Greece, I couldn’t believe all of the different types of salts for sale at the markets. Of course, Grecian women have known the healing secrets of sea salt for centuries and have used this mineral in their beauty regimens—as a natural exfoliant and moisturizing facial peel (when mixed with olive oil)—for just as long. Salt is more than an ingredient for a … READ MORE

Enter Today to Win A Free Jewelry Travel Case from Pura Botanica!

Pura Botanica is giving away one Jewelry Travel Case tomorrow, November 14, to one lucky winner.  Enter The Pura Lifestyle giveaway now to travel in style like today’s chic Hollywood set.  The giveaway closes Wednesday at midnight. Kyle Richards, one of the busy stars of Bravo’s The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills loves her Jewelry Travel Case and uses it whenever she travels to pack up her most precious jewels and gems! As a Thank You for signing up, you’ll … READ MORE

The Year of the Rose

Flowers, like fashion, have their seasons in the sun, fading, and then returning with a whole new attitude. And so it is with roses. In 1986, Congress declared the rose the floral symbol of the US, but for the past few decades this beautiful flower has been displaced by jasmine and iris. Roses are once again in full bloom, in perfumes, lotions and anti-aging products. We think that it is about time. Roses have been rhapsodized over for centuries, first … READ MORE

Miss Bliss’ Once-in-a-Lifetime Experience at the Hürem Sultan Hamami in Turkey

I just got back from my whirlwind tour of the Mediterranean.  What an unbelievable trip (some of my photos are live on Facebook)!  I am still reeling from my visit to the Hürem Sultan Hamami in Istanbul, Turkey.  Boy, was it an experience that I (and my sister-in-law) will never forget. After a 15-hour trip to Istanbul from the states, my husband, his sister and her husband checked into our hotel and began right away to explore the city.  I … READ MORE

Seeking Inspiration In Turkey’s Ancient Baths

In about one week, I will leave for a three-week part-business, part-pleasure tour of the Mediterranean that starts in Turkey, includes island-hopping in Greece and ends with a trip up the Adriatic to Croatia. It will undoubtedly be an inspiring and beautiful vacation, with visits to ancient monuments in Greece, plenty of strong coffee and meandering in Istanbul and hours of resting under the late-summer sun on Croatia’s famously pristine beaches. What I am most looking forward to is my visit to the Çemberlitas … READ MORE

Lend a Hand Crème Helps Save the Florida Sea Turtles

When my family and I moved into our current house in south Florida, I realized just how close I was living to one of nature’s oldest-living creatures, the sea turtle.  This was a lucky coincidence for me, a longtime nature and animal lover.  My kids and I adore these ancient reptiles, which have roamed Earth since the days of the dinosaurs.  Lucky for us, our deck looks out onto one of the prime sea turtle nesting sites, where thousands of … READ MORE

Miss Bliss’ 4 Tips for Summer Pampering on the Road

I love exploring Europe’s most fashionable destinations this time of year.  Take a few of my favorite hot spots—Geneva, Switzerland, Nice, France, the Amalfi Coast in Italy—which emerge from winter’s slumber with new life as the temperature rises and all activity moves outdoors. The street markets awaken with the buzz of vendors and shoppers; children play, their voices rising above the din of traffic, and sidewalk cafes and bistros teem with locals and visitors.  There is exciting street music, blooming … READ MORE

Miss Bliss’ Trade Show Survival Guide:8 Tips for Getting through a Trade Show with Grace

The words “trade show” can elicit cries of joy or grumbles of dread.  I am in the joy camp, and, in the four years since starting Pura Botanica, have learned to embrace the educational and networking opportunities that each trade show presents. That said, they can definitely tire a person out.   I participate in about four shows per year, including the Atlanta International Gift & Home Furnishings Market, where I will set up shop this July 13th through 17th at … READ MORE

From Pura Vida to Pura Botanica

I am, what some would call, a product of Disney. My father and grandfather spent their careers working for Disney, and my grandfather has been honored as a Disney Legend. When the company decided to open Epcot Center, my father moved to Orlando, Florida, while I stayed in California. As much as I missed my father, I was thrilled and looked forward to spending every summer in Orlando with dad. I can remember attending the opening of Epcot in 1982, and how enchanted I felt … READ MORE