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Be My (Green) Valentine

This Valentine’s Day, how about showing a little love to Mother Earth? We’re not suggesting abandoning the flowers, chocolates and jewelry for your sweetie, but, rather, taking a little extra time to source these gifts from eco-conscious suppliers and producers. Here are 14 gift ideas for your one and only (and the planet). While you’re shopping, feel free to check out our Valentine’s Day Gift Sets that are full of luxurious products made from organic and sustainably-harvested ingredients.

Be My Green Valentine Pura Botanica Blog1.    Fair Trade and Organic Flowers
Flowers are beautiful, but the ways they are traditionally produced are anything but. Order your Valentine’s blooms from companies that show a little more respect for the earth. You can “shop the frog” for Rainforest Alliance certified products or search out eco-friendly flowers from national companies like FTD, 1-800 Flowers and Sam’s Club who have climbed on the eco-band wagon.

2.    Living Flowers
Instead of one dozen roses that will only last a week, pick a native potted plant from a local nursery and let the love last a lot longer.

3.    A Seed of an Idea
Beautifying your yard or a vacant lot is an act of love. Plant a seed bomb in early spring; come summer it will sprout into a mini meadow of Black-Eyed Susans, Sweet Alyssum, Mountain Phlox that will attract bees, butterflies and birds.

Black Eyed Susans Pura Botanica Green Valentine's Day Gifts Sweet Alyssum Pura Botanica Green Valentine's Day Gifts Mountain Phlox Pura Botanica Green Valentine's Day Gifts






4.    Conflict-Free Jewelry
Diamonds aren’t a girl’s best friend when you think about the ways that they are mined and brought to the market. Look at companies like BrilliantEarth and GreenORO to find jewelry made in the most environmentally responsible way.

5.    Go Vintage
The idea of something old, something new isn’t just for weddings. Check out antique stores and tag sales for vintage jewelry or visit Etsy and Eco-Artware for funky and fun items like bracelets or cufflinks made from old typewriter keys or subway tokens. Have a lot of sentimental trinkets you never wear? Send them to greenKarat and they will transform them into something brand new.

6.    Pearls of Wisdomhttp://www.dreamstime.com/-image3455257
This is the one precious gem that isn’t mined, but grown, making it the most eco-friendly jewelry option.

7.    Sexy Little Things
Slip into something more comfortable with lovely lingerie made from organic cotton, silk and bamboo. Stella McCartney and Blue Canoe offer beautiful and environmentally sustainable options.
Raw Chocolate Love Pura Botanica Green Valentine's Day Blog8.    Chocolate
Once you’ve tasted artisanal, organic chocolate, you’ll never look at supermarket chocolate again. Choose from places that are as good for the earth as they are for your sweet tooth–GlobalExchangeStore.org, the Fat Turkey Chocolate Company, Raw Chocolate Love and Lulu’s Chocolate.

9.    Valentine’s Cards
This year, maybe go with an e-card (some of them even sing to you!).  But if only a physical greeting will do, check out the offerings from Pancake & Frank’s made from 100 percent recycled card stock and nontoxic inks.

10.     Organic Bubbly
No need to break the bank to pop a cork in celebration of your love (and love of the earth) now that so many organic vineyards are coming out with sparkling wines at a reasonable cost. Check out Organic Vinters; a delightful Moscato d’Asti is just $17.99.

Fleury Organic Champagne Pura Botanica Green Valentine's Day Blog11.     Organic Wines
Sulfates give you headaches? No worries with organic wines, plus there aren’t any pesky chemicals in them either. Coturri Winery and Bonterra Vineyards in California and Ponzi Vineyards in Oregon, offer a variety of ecologically sensitive varieties.

12. Recycled Glass Goblets
Enjoy your organic wines in recycled glass goblets, available in all types of colors, sizes and styles. Visit the Green Glass company for a wide selection.

13. Help an Animal
All my readers know that I am committed to saving sea turtles, but there are other animals out there who need our help. Farm Sanctuary was founded nearly 20 years ago as a farm animal rescue and protection group, raising awareness of factory farms and working to stop animal cruelty and promote vegan living. When you adopt an animal, you get a certificate and photograph of your adoptee—even an invite to come visit!

14.     Bath Ritual
As always, I save the best for last. Pura makes it easy to turn an ordinary bath into a sensuous spa experience. Our Bath Ritual Gift Set includes Moments in Mint Botanic Bath Infusion, Tea Garden Soy Candle Jar, Freshly Minted Travel Kit and a Peppermint Leaf All-Natural Cleansing Bar. It’s pure bliss.