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Moms Need “Me Time”

‘Me Time’ is something we all crave. It is vital to us as humans, partners, colleagues and especially as Moms. We know how hard Moms work and finding time to step back and be on your own can be complicated no matter how supportive your family and friends are. With Mother’s Day right around the corner, we compiled some great tips to help you get the most out of your ‘Me time’. And Moms, don’t feel bad! Think of your … READ MORE

Hug It Out

When it comes to displaying affection, there are three types of people in this world; Those who are touchy-feely and always say hello with a hug, those who are occasional huggers and those who find showing affection uncomfortable. According to recent research studies, the touchy-feely friends may actually be happier and healthier, as hugs have been identified as a viable source of both mental and physical health.      Hugs Can Reduce Stress or Conflict Before it Starts Whenever someone … READ MORE

Give The Gift Of Healthy Living

From taking us on our first fishing trip to teaching us the answers to some of life’s most difficult questions, our fathers are important to us in several ways. As you prepare to celebrate Dad this Sunday, you may be left with the unsolved question of what to get him for Father’s Day. Often, people tend to look for gifts that provide more leisure and relaxation time for their Dads, however, the gift of healthy living can be a thoughtful … READ MORE

The Most Important Relationship You Will Ever Have

If you search online for the word “relationships”, the results will probably consist of several links to articles and websites focusing on the topic of relationships between members of the opposite sex and with others around you. However, within these results we don’t find much information on the most important relationship you will ever have; the one you have with yourself. Given that our external world tends to be a reflection of our internal world, this relationship will ultimately determine … READ MORE

Stay True To The Real You

Have you ever struggled with realizing and accepting who you are? Sometimes it can require a big change and a whole lot of courage. Since there’s no set age or time frame, everyone’s journey is different. However, learning to accept and love yourself on a day to day basis can help you live a more meaningful life. Here are some unconventional ways to stay true to the real you. 1. Don’t hate those who stumble; we all have. Being human … READ MORE

PRESS RELEASE: Pura Botanica Products Featured in ABC’s DANCING WITH THE STARS On-Set Product Lounge

ALL-NATURAL BATH & BEAUTY PRODUCT COMPANY, PURA BOTANICA, WILL PRESENT A CUSTOM “PASSPORT TO BLISS” GIFT SET IN THE ON-SET PRODUCT LOUNGE OF ABC’S DANCING WITH THE STARS. Lighthouse Point, FL— Pura Botanica is excited to announce that the Pura product lines was featured on-set of the hit show, ABC’s DANCING WITH THE STARS. Offering a custom “Passport to Bliss” Gift Set, Pura Botanica included their new Botanic Bath Infusion Singles, the perfect prescription for tired feet and achy muscles. … READ MORE

3 Keys to a Stress-Free Holiday Lifestyle

3 Keys to a Stress-Free Holiday Lifestyle

Holidays are filled with times of excitement, love, and unfortunately sometimes stress. If you typically find yourself stressed throughout this time of year, then it’s time to take a step back and prepare for a stress-free holiday. Plan Ahead & Scale Back Staying stress-free often comes down to some simple planning and preparation. First, take a look at your task list and ask yourself “what will happen if I don’t complete this task?” to determine how important each item is. An … READ MORE

Survival Guide To The NPEE 2014 : Recharging In The Evening

Taking a couple minutes to relax after a long day of entertaining potential business opportunities and new product manufacturer’s is essential to making sure you’re recharged and ready to get up and do it again the next morning. After a long day of walking the expo floor and an evening seeing what downtown Baltimore has to offer, soak in a bath with Pura Botanica Botanic Bath Infusions, and let the stress and body aches just fade away. Looking for something … READ MORE

Survival Guide To The NPEE 2014: Where to go in Baltimore

During downtime, there are a number of things you can do in downtown Baltimore to make sure your trip is fun, as well as successful. To start with don’t miss the Harvest Festival on the outside terrace of the convention center on Wednesday, September 17th from 2-6 pm; It’s an eclectic hybrid of a farmers market and trade show, and it opens up the Natural Products East Expo. Also, check out the Balti more Harbor, which is close by the … READ MORE

Survival Guide To The NPEE 2014: At The Show

Now that you are at the show, here are some tips to help Buyers be more successful at the NPEE. Check out the surrounding area near each booth you visit. It’s worth learning about the nearby booths in an area to see if they have similar products, or a product you may be more interested in, or can’t find elsewhere. Many exhibitors help the booths around them and work together to make it a beneficial show for all attending. This … READ MORE

Survival Guide To The NPEE 2014 : What To Bring

If you are in the Natural Products industry it’s no surprise to you that the Natural Products East Expo (NPEE) is right around the corner and you’re undoubtedly already starting to prepare. As soon as the doors open on Wednesday, September 17, you’re sure to get caught up in the events, speakers, buyers, and education on natural products and the companies there presenting them. Year after year the NPEE proves to be a great event to explore innovative business models and new natural products. … READ MORE

3 Essential Tips for Carefree Travel

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Get Organized The most important thing about worry-free travel is being organized. Start with a packing list and stick to it. But let’s face it, even with lists, most of us usually end up with a suitcase we’re sitting on top of to try and close. Once you have all your items, lay them out on the bed and scrap at least three. You really won’t need that 5th pair of running shorts on your three day vacation, we promise. … READ MORE

Introducing Botanic Bath Infusion Singles

Pura Products is really excited to announce that you can now purchase our Botanic Bath Infusions in singles which make it even easier for you to give the gift of wellness or maintain your own on the go. Our Botanic Bath Infusions are all natural bath therapies that combine restorative mineral sea salts, fragrant herbs and flowers, and healing essential oils. Let us help you choose which ones are right for you.     Want to wash away a long … READ MORE

Summer Travel Hostess Gifts

Off for a weekend visiting your pal’s spread on the Vineyard, up in Maine, or out in the Hamptons? Lucky you! Just remember—your mother was right about the first rule of good guesting: Never arrive empty-handed. Sure, your hosts will say they don’t need anything. That doesn’t mean they won’t be delighted when you show up on their doorstep with a gift, a big smile, and an offer to a) empty the dishwasher, b) throw in a towel wash, c) … READ MORE

Our Favorite Red Carpet Moments. And the award goes to…

This week, I’ll head out to beautiful Beverly Hills to participate in an Oscars gifting suite in partnership with my friends at Wow! Creations. From the Penthouse suite at the gorgeous Luxe Rodeo Drive, I’ll enjoy gorgeous views of Los Angeles while I talk to some of my favorite actors and actresses about Pura Botanica’s all-natural and travel-friendly products. Because really, who travels more than a working actor? We’ll be handing out our Freshly Minted Travel Kits, Botanic Bath Infusions … READ MORE