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3 Easy Ways to Naturally Restore

We live in a beautiful world of simplicity and chaos, storms and calm seas, and many other contradictions. To live more fully we need to focus on balance. For all of our active moments, we need to find relaxation. For all of our troubles, we need to find healing. Here are 3 easy ways to focus on restoring yourself physically, emotionally, and mentally: Feed All of Your Senses Our body, mentality, and emotions are all closely tied so it’s important … READ MORE

Preparing Your Retail Store For Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is just a month away, what do you have planned to drive sales during this seasonal rush? We’re not talking about chocolates, flowers and perfumes – more like banners, newsletters and Facebook campaigns. Here’s 4 easy ways to help get your business ready for Mothers Day!   1. Design and code a Mother’s Day Email Newsletter; blast it out to strategic partners and customers. 2. Use Social Media to show how your business relates to Mothers. (ie) Run … READ MORE

Makes Moms Happy

Last year we were lucky to help support our local Boys and Girls Club’s “Art with a Heart” program. The experience was absolutely incredible and we’re excited to announce we are able to support this program even more this year. The “Art with a Heart” program was established by Barbara Fedderman, a 15-year veteran with the Boys and Girls Club of Broward County. This is a diversified program that enables kids with an outlet to express themselves positively, while developing … READ MORE

Pura Botanica is a Proud Sponsor of the Concours d’ Elegance

Community is close to our hearts at Pura Botanica and we’re proud to announce we will be sponsoring the Concours d ‘Elegance in lovely Boca Raton, Florida in support of the Boys & Girls Club of Broward County. Concours d’ Elegance is a three day event celebrating the automobile and the influence it has had upon history. Featuring exotic cars, vintage transportation, private jets, and much more, this event sparks imaginations and creates a playground for travel enthusiasts. More importantly, … READ MORE

It’s a New Year and Time for a New, Rejuvenated You

Each of us find our own way of embracing the New Year. Many, if not most of us, start the year with resolutions to improve ourselves and our lives. Some of us stray away from resolutions because we believe the quest for self-improvement is continuous or maybe that the timeline shouldn’t be annual. Some of us focus on monthly goals, or even daily goals, or maybe cyclical goals like Ben Franklin was famous for. No matter how you approach the … READ MORE

Helping Make a Difference One Mother at a Time

We’ve been talking a lot over the past couple of weeks about our campaign to Make a Difference this Mother’s Day by helping to raise money for the Boys & Girls Clubs of Broward County (BGCBC). I have lived and worked in Broward County, Florida for almost 20 years and have served on the Corporate Board of the organization for 2 years in addition to volunteering for various committee locally for 4. So, it made perfect sense that I would … READ MORE

Pack It All In: Tips for Fashionable, Fun and Stress-Free Travel

I just returned from an incredible, eco-adventure and safari getaway in South Africa where I communed with leopards, lions, zebras and elephants (oh, my!) and took a much-needed break from the busy past two months. Between the Oscars gifting suite and the CEW event in New York City, I have been up, down and across the US and, now, across an ocean. Good thing I took my own packing and travel advice, which helped me stay organized and calm. Here … READ MORE

Be My (Green) Valentine

This Valentine’s Day, how about showing a little love to Mother Earth? We’re not suggesting abandoning the flowers, chocolates and jewelry for your sweetie, but, rather, taking a little extra time to source these gifts from eco-conscious suppliers and producers. Here are 14 gift ideas for your one and only (and the planet). While you’re shopping, feel free to check out our Valentine’s Day Gift Sets that are full of luxurious products made from organic and sustainably-harvested ingredients. 1.    Fair … READ MORE

New Year, Same Me: And That’s a Good Thing

While setting goals to better ourselves is good in theory, the process often sets us up to fail when we inevitably slip (I can’t eat just one potato chip, either). This year, I suggest that instead of trying to break habits in 2014, we create new ones. Rather than dwelling on shortcomings, we should count our blessings and practice gratitude. It’s hard to complain about the little things when you are focused on giving thanks that your children are alive … READ MORE

The Gift of Giving—Turning Giving Tuesday into Giving December

We can’t believe it, but the holidays are here. Before we dive into the craziness of the next couple of weeks—the meals, the parties, the shopping and the marathon nighttime wrapping sessions—we want to take a moment to think about how we can practice the generosity, compassion and good tidings that makes this season so special. Then, we’ll get to all of that fun stuff! Pura Botanica is a proud supporter of a number of charities. One that is particularly … READ MORE

Little is the New Big

We all know that good things come in small packages—babies, little blue boxes from Tiffany’s, dark chocolate truffles—and now, Pura Botanica products do too. Readers of this blog know that I am passionate about travel and love experiencing new cultures, meeting new people, and discovering fabulous new products. But I also want to be able to maintain my daily beauty routine while away from home. Who wants to find herself in Marseilles or Melbourne without a trusted conditioner or cleanser? … READ MORE

Miss Bliss’ Favorite NYC Hot Spots

New York City is one of my favorite cities in the world; the crowds, world-class restaurants and chic boutiques make it an incomparable destination to visit.  Much as I love it, the fast-paced nature can wear me down.  And when it does, I unwind and reboot at one of the city’s many luxurious spas.  I just returned from a fabulous couple of days at the Holiday Gift Guide Media Event in NYC and was reminded of some of my favorite … READ MORE

Miss Bliss’ Top Tips for a Delightful Trip

Summer is just around the corner, which means that many of us are gearing up for well-deserved vacations and getaways. Whether you are planning a quick weekend getaway or a two-week sojourn to South Africa, preparedness is key to a successful trip. Here are a few of my tips for purely blissful, stress-free travel. Do your research: Maybe you need help deciding where to go. Or you want to learn more about your locale of choice. National Geographic Traveler and … READ MORE

All You Need is (More) Love

So, readers, how are we doing now that we are halfway through the “kindness” campaign? I know that making other people happy always gives me a boost—and I hope it does you, too. Here is another week of ideas to celebrate Valentine’s Day. February 8: Look up a former teacher who made a difference in your life. Tell him or her why—it will make their day (maybe even their year). February 9: This morning, tiptoe into your child’s room and … READ MORE

All You Need is Love

Valentine’s Day is supposed to be all about love and romance, but for many people, it has become an anxiety-inducing obligation: buying roses (knowing that you’re paying a premium) and just the right card, making reservations at a trendy restaurant. I’d like to suggest something different: 14 loving and thoughtful acts to celebrate the days leading up to February 14, little kindnesses that you can give to virtually anyone, that cost little or nothing, and whose effects will last much … READ MORE