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6 Ways to Maintain A Positive Attitude

Our attitude determines how we live our life. Therefore, maintaining a positive attitude is ideal. It makes us happier and more resilient, improves our personal relationships and can even increase our chances of success in future endeavors. Additionally, having a positive attitude leaves you more creative in the decisions you make in life. In fact, studies have shown that people who can keep up a positive attitude live far longer than their not so positive counterparts.

So, even if your choices of action are limited – at any given moment – your choices regarding your attitude are not.



Here you will discover 6 of our favorite ways to create and maintain a positive attitude and outlook on life.


  1. Enjoy Life’s Small Pleasures

Unfortunately, big pleasures such as a graduation, getting married or being promoted come far too infrequently. However, life is also made up of tiny victories and simple pleasures, such as watching the sunset or eating your favorite ice cream. With the right mental attitude, walking barefoot along the beach and taking a short drive with the top down, might be all you need to be filled with joy and happiness.


  1. Smile

If you are looking for an instantaneous attitude boost, be sure to smile. Try smiling for a few minutes while you think of a happy memory or of the last thing that made you smile. Most people don’t know that smiling actually releases endorphins and serotonin in your body, also know as the “feel good hormones”. It is so much easier to adopt a positive attitude when the chemicals being released by your body are conducive to your own well-being.



  1. Upload Positivity

When you read positive quotes or phrases, your brain takes this in and can make you feel better. Read books with a positive message, listen to music with uplifting lyrics and watch movies in which the main character’s optimism helps them overcome tough obstacles, despite the odds. By uploading as much positivity into your brain as possible, you can change your attitude for the better.


  1. Take Responsibility

At any given moment, your attitude can fall victim to its creator and quickly turn negative. Therefore, the first step you need to take in order to shift from ‘victim’ to ‘creator’ is to take responsibility for the way you feel.  To maintain a positive attitude as the creator, here are some example phrases to recite aloud to yourself:

  • I create my life.

  • I am responsible for me.

  • I am in charge of my destiny and future.


  1. Be Proactive

Rather than thinking of life as something that’s happening TO you, think of it as something that’s happening FOR you. Take any challenging situation, person, or event in your life and look at it as a way to teach you something. The next time you find yourself thinking, “Why is this happening to me?”, choose a proactive attitude and instead, ask yourself, “What am I supposed to learn or gain from this experience?” or “How will this help me grow and become a better version of myself?”


  1. Stop Expecting the Easy Route

Of course, we would all love to take the easy road and breeze through life. Unfortunately, that is not exactly the reality. Truth is: life gets tough for all of us. It can even be painful at times. But, remember that you are brave and strong and you can get through it. Remind yourself that sometimes things won’t be easy and adopt an attitude that says “I have what it takes to deal with any obstacle life throws at me.”


A famous writer once said, “Our attitude toward life determines life’s attitude toward us.” In the end, follow these 6 tips to get started on the road toward keeping up a positive attitude at all times. Remember, you live your best life by having a great attitude.