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3 Keys to a Stress-Free Holiday Lifestyle

Holidays are filled with times of excitement, love, and unfortunately sometimes stress. If you typically find yourself stressed throughout this time of year, then it’s time to take a step back and prepare for a stress-free holiday.

  1. Plan Ahead & Scale Back

Staying stress-free often comes down t3 Keys to a Stress-Free Holiday Lifestyleo some simple
planning and preparation.
First, take a look at your task list and ask yourself “what will happen if I don’t complete this task?” to determine how important each item is. An easy and basic way to prioritize is to create three categories: Must Do, Should Do, Like to Do. Focus on the musts and let go of the others (without feeling guilty) if you need to.

Most importantly though, ensure you are scheduling downtime for yourself. Go ahead and block that time on your calendar and consider it a must do. Unwind with a luxurious bath infused with therapeutic bath salts, take the time to lather up with your favorite lotion, or light some aromatherapy candles before bed.

  1. Travel Light & In Style

If you’re visiting family for the holidays, travel can be overwhelming and exhausting. Keep things simple and organized with stylish travel document cases. Make sure all of your suitcases have luggage tags, just in case there’s trouble locating them. And finally, keep the packing light. Buy gift sets online or gift cards in order to avoid packing or shipping bulky gifts. Use travel sized products like our on-the-go botanic bath infusion singles.

  1. Reward & Rejuvenate Yourself

One of the most important things in life is enjoying the moment. Holiday times are meant to not only spend time with loved ones but to also treat and love yourself. Let’s face it, we’re all better at loving others when we’re relaxed, happy, and healthy. Enjoy your scheduled downtime with relaxing and rejuvenating baths using Pura Botanica’s Botanic Bath Infusions. With four different unique indulgences, there’s sure to be one to help ease away the holiday stress.