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About Pura Botanica

Launched in 2009, Pura Botanica is a producer of luxurious, all-natural bath-and-body products and elegant, cruelty-free travel accessories.
Pura Botanica’s products embody a way of life that supports organic ingredients and sustainable products; it is for people who want to turn everyday rituals, like taking a bath, into an indulgent experience that is a true sensory escape from the stresses of modern life.
Our mission says it all: “Pura Botanica is inspired by the beauty of the natural world.
We have taken this beauty, peace, pleasure, and intrigue and turned it into a line of little luxuries.

Our passions run deep.

We care about the ingredients in our products and how they sustain our wellness. We rely on time-tested formulas that lift the senses and the spirit. From beguiling treasures collected from all corners of the globe to the; purest ingredients sourced directly from nature, Pura Botanica delivers simple joy in unexpected ways. In a world rich with secrets, we seek to share the most transcendent of finds and to provide a ‘Passport to Bliss’.”
Says Founder and President Christy Booth